About the Water Crisis

About the Water Crisis of the World

About the Water Crisis of the World

By George Zapo

Here is some information about the water crisis of the world. You may not know, but the water you drink has likely been around, in some form of another, hundreds of millions of years ago, since dinosaurs inhabited our Earth.

The competition for clean water for drinking, bathing, and cooking increases substantially, every year. The freshwater on our planet recycles continually; however, human population has grown so much that it is becoming scarce. In fact, though water covers 70 percent of the globe, only 2.5 percent of the water on this planet is fresh. Astonishingly, only about 1 percent of the freshwater is easily reached because most of it is trapped in snow fields and glaciers. Consequently, only 0.007 percent of freshwater is available for over 6.8 billion people.

More about the Water Crisis

The scarcity of clean water is due to a number of political, environmental, social, and economic factors. Some regions of the world are fortunate to have plenty of clean and fresh water, whereas other locations around the world are ill-fated to have polluted water or face devastating droughts. There are a number of reasons why some populations have plenty of clean water and others suffer with the arduous effort to obtain it, or they must provide a significant amount of currency to acquire it. For instance, competition for the resource, climate, geography, regulation, and engineering issues all have a bearing on getting clean water.

Essential to Life

The human body contains 60 percent water; we all need water for our survival. We also need water in order to manufacture, make clothing, produce food, and environmental reasons. The United Nations reports water use has grown twice as much in comparison with the human population in the last 100 years. They estimate, by 2025, 1.8 billion people will live in water scarce areas and two-thirds of the entire world’s population will live in regions that are water-stressed, because of climate change, growth, and use.

It’s important to know where to find fresh, clean water resources and how we play a role in finding solutions or creating obstacles in conserving, managing, and distributing water. Take some time to become more familiar with the water crisis of the world and seriously consider doing more to help in conserving and managing your water footprint. You may also want to get involved in your local community or global water advocacy and conservation efforts.

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